MPG Smallfruit is a global consulting and advisory service business that offers a
specialized focus on the smallfruit industries of the world. Focus is maintained on
offering up-to-date technical and managerial information systems for assistance in
the smallfruit grower's management and  decision making tasks.

MPG Smallfruit makes use of the latest technology to ensure the highest quality
of service possible for the client. Custom-tailored project development planning
and budgeting, Management Information Systems, Integrated Pest Management,
Nutritional Management programs are the core of
MPG Smallfruit's services. These
management systems form the basis of consumer-oriented 'ICMS' (Integrated Crop
Management System) programs, that are required by a vastly increasing
percentage of worldwide markets, marketing institutions and retailers.

MPG Smallfruit serves the 'Global Village', having production and advisory
experience in South Africa, Europe and the USA. The service was established due
to the vast demand for reliable production assistance to the  smallfruit producers
in South Africa back in the late 1990's.
MPG Smallfruit online services

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